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Armyfatique – The Initiation


Armyfatique is a Dutch based production duo consisting of DJ Krylon & Lostsun.  Their debut producer compilation, The initiation continues down the path of the producer-branded albums that legends such as Pete Rock, DJ Muggs, Alchemist & DJ Babu have paved before.  The compilation contains 16 hard-hitting bangers that feature several of NYC’s most underrated, heavy hitters such as C-Rayz Walz, Bekay, Vordul Mega, Trife Da God, Maylay Sparks, Mr. Met (of Brooklyn Academy) and many more!

Released: Jan 06, 2009
Type: Compilation
Format: CD & Digital
1. Intro: Prepare for War
2. Loud N Clear
3. The Game Don't Change
4. Rudebwoy (Interlude)
5. Superstar Rap
6. Don't Feel Good
7. Guess Who
8. Haze
9. BK South
10. Respect Aura
11. Rather Be Hated
12. I Get The Money (Interlude)
13. Stuck In The Mud
14. The Pursuit
15. Fly Away