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Bekay – The Horror Flick LP (Deluxe Edition)


The Horror Flick LP is the full length LP from Bekay, released as part of his affiliation with The Rawkus 50, an artist driven revolution comprised of the 50 next important hip-hop artists.  Horror Flick is loaded with complex imagery and clever wordplay over boom-bap style beats and razor sharp cuts.  The LP includes guest features from El-Gant, Mr. Met, One Dae and DJ Dutchmaster.  Production supplied by Shuko, Domingo, Arythmetic, Analogic, BeanOne, Detroit Red, M-Phazes and others.

Released: Sep 01, 2009
Type: Album
Format: Digital
1. Intro
2. Battlin' Myself
3. Ready To Go (Domingo Remix)
4. Deadly Potency
5. Don't Feel Good
6. I'm The Reason
7. A Legal Question
8. Alphabitch
9. Battlefield
10. Battlefield (Twice As Nice Remix)
11. You Wanna Test
12. Dead End
13. I'm The Reason (M-Phazes Remix)
14. Ready To Go
15. Torture Chamber