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Bekay – The Horror Flick Remix EP


The Horror Flick Remix EP is Bekay’s follow-up to his  acclaimed Rawkus 50 release, The Horror Flick LP, which was originally released on November 27th, 2007 and re-released through Coalmine Records on September 1st of 2009.  This ep includes remixes of three of the album’s more noteworthy tracks, remixed by M-Phazes, Domingo and Twice As Nice.

Released: May 13, 2008
Type: EP
Format: Digital
1. "The Reason" (Remix) Clean
2. "The Reason" (M-Phazes Remix) Main
3. "The Reason" (Remix) Inst
4. "Ready To Go" (Domingo Remix) Clean
5. "Ready To Go" (Domingo Remix) Main
6. "Battlefield" (Twice As Nice) Clean
7. "Battlefield" (Twice As Nice Remix) Main