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Blu – “Kiss the Sky” (Large Professor Remix)


Creating a bouncy, sinister rendition to Blu’s 2012 released single “Kiss the Sky,” originally produced by M-Phazes, Large Professor manages to transform Blu’s bars into a destructive force of nature. Whereas the original had the Australian beat smith providing a more inspirational and soulful vibe, Xtra P’s version flips the script entirely by showcasing just how deadly he is with an MPC, while DJ Revolution shreds a classic Method Man quotable into oblivion. Large Professor’s remix of “Kiss The Sky” will be featured on Coalmine Records’ forthcoming remix compilation, Remineded: A Collection of Old & New Remixes.

Released: Jan 20, 2015
Type: Single
Format: Digital & Vinyl (Limited Edition 45)
1. Kiss the Sky (Xtra P Remix)