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Brown Bag AllStars – The Brown Tape


The Brown Tape is the debut full-length project from the Brown Bag AllStars (BBAS).  This elite seven man crew of hip-hop purists consist of The Audible Doctor (Emcee/Producer), J57, (Emcee/Producer), KONCEPT (Emcee), Soul Khan (Emcee), DJ E Holla, Deejay Element & DJ Goo.  This project is a testament of the groups amazing versatility; on tracks like “Undeniable”, BBAS come in swinging with a raw boom-bap sound and energy that’s been missing from the current state of hip hop, while on tracks like “It’s The And…”, the group showcase their ability to slow it down and get into deeper subject matter. Throughout The Brown Tape, BBAS manage to keep their sense of humor in tact while simultaneously never losing track of their deep-rooted hip-hop fundamentals.

Released: Aug 04, 2009
Type: Album
Format: Digital
1. Undeniable
2. Get Up
3. Dinner's Ready
4. GHB
5. The Boss Is Back
6. Raw Daddy
7. It's The And...
8. The City Never Sleeps
9. Poison Apple
10. Lou Reed
11. Cut You
12. Can't Walk Away
13. Robo Trippin
14. Shadow Moses
15. Make Way (J57 Remix)
16. Undeniable (Audible Doctor Remix)