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Cimer Amor – Taking Nowhere, Somewhere


Taking Nowhere, Somewhere is the debut LP from the Philadelphia beat-smith Cimer Amor.  Cimer, who represents one half of the CAEN Project, has been the boardsman behind several underground, indie smash singles over the years.  On Taking Nowhere, Somewhere, Cimer takes his sound to new heights and expresses a broad diversity and fusion of soundscapes.  From gritty boom-bap tracks like “You Know What It Is” featuring Sha Stimuli & King Magnetic to introspective songs like “Overtime” featuring Rockie Reyes to bouncy club records like “Chose Me” featuring the CAEN Project, Cimer delivers a producer compilation album that will put him in the rankings of producers to check for.


Released: Released: Jun 29, 2010
Type: Compilation
Format: Digital
1. Step Aside
2. I Hate
3. Only The Best
4. What It Is
5. Tremble
6. Insomnia
7. Beast Within
8. Danger
9. The Business
10. Another Classic
11. Grave Mistake
12. Overtme
13. Cold Cold World
14. Chose Me