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Custom Made – Hi-Def


Los Angeles hip-hop trio Bluff, Element and Sccobs, better known as Custom Made, link with Coalmine Records to drop Hi-Def as a digital-only release.  Hi-Def features production from THX, Abstrakt Soundz, Jayem, Animoss (Arch Druids), Terminall and guests Mac Lucci (Hustle Boyz/DPG), Woozy (Brothaz Bent), and the rest of the Custom Made collective.


Released: Nov. 09, 2010
Type: LP
Format: Digital
1. Hi-Def (Intro)
2. Touch a Pen
3. Watch That
4. Don't Leave Me
5. Hip-Hop
6. Dopamine (Interlude)
7. Picture Me Rollin'
8. Gravel Swag
9. Oooh Baby
10. LA Steez
11. Crime Life
12. Ode 2 Colt
13. Flow-Five
14. Easy on Yourself