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El Da Sensei & The Returners – “Knowledge Be The Key”


In promotion for El Da Sensei & The Returners sequel to their acclaimed Global Takeover LP, the New Jeruz/Polish trifecta drop their debut maxi-single in promotion for GT2: Nu World.  The album’s official lead single, “Knowledge Be The Key” finds Dilated People’s Rakaa Iriscience and the Artifact’s Sensei matching wits and dropping knowledge.  On “2 The Death”, El reminds you of his longevity in the game and that despite all the struggles, he’s still here, still relevant…to the death.


Released: Sep 07, 2010
Type: Maxi-Single
Format: Digital
1. Knowledge Be The Key (Main)
2. Knowledge Be The Key (Clean)
3. Knowledge Be The Key (Inst)
4. 2 The Death (Main)
5. 2 The Death (Clean)
6. 2 The Death (Inst)
7. 2 The Death (Acapella)