Operation Anti-Sag


In light of the recent rapper’s beef in Chicago between Lupe Fiasco and Chief Keef and in Ontario, California, where the death of aspiring rapper Inkyy and his four other friends in a car crash minutes after tweeting “YOLO,” one must get that awful gut feeling that today’s teenage youth and the rap genre is what makes Mitt Romney afraid of the 47 percent of Americans.


On the bright side, at least we have Amor “Lilman” Arteaga, 9, rapping about an ugly trend in the urban communities, sagging pants. The music video, shot by Brooklyn vidographer/photographer Stray Pome of Anything Is Possible Media, goes around well-known landmarks like Parade Playgrounds and Caton Market in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, showing various young men walking down the streets with their “doo doo underwear,” as Amor calls it. Lyrics like, “it’s not just your pants/ you pulling us all down…you think that you cool/ you just dragging us all down!” show his youthful articulation yet deep interest in addressing the problem that goes beyond the person in the denim, all while Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is bopping to the beat in the background. In a time where 17-year-olds are getting record deals for glorifying gang violence, 21-year-olds tweeting while drinking and driving 120mph and 36-year-olds are requesting big booty hoes for their birthday, it’s refreshing, yet also embarassing that we have a fourth-grader telling adults how to dress properly in public.


Amor is a clear example that not all young kids are easily influenced by the negative trends they see in music and in their neighborhoods. “I’m the new voice for all the little kids/ some of our role models seem to be corrupt/ and I’m sending out the message to pull your pants up,” Amor advises. This single is the first of many the young lyricist plans on releasing about important issues in the urban community. In a recent interview with The Daily News, he talked about gun violence in the local neighborhoods. “There’s too many shootings. Even little people like me are getting killed,” Amor said. “I see a lot of different things on the news. We gotta stop the killings.” I really hope we see more of this kid in the future and his message not become diluted by gun-toting teen rappers in music videos and other foolishness of the airwaves. Because that’s that ish I don’t like.


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