Brooklyn Keeps On Takin’ It

A man puts $1 at an Honest Tea pop-up kiosk in the Financial District, Manhattan, Aug. 16. (Amal Chen/The Epoch Times)


Via: Huffington Post


I am very proud of my borough and boastful of our many accomplishments and accolades. However, this latest “study” makes me want to pull down my Nets fitted and cover my face in shame. The beverage brand Honest Tea, set up 50 kiosks in 30 cities around the country from August 8-19 with a few in New York City to put Americans to the ultimate good boy/girl test. There was no cashier in the kiosk so it was up to the honest citizen to do the right thing and deposit the money. Well for good news, the majority of America do live justly, with 93% of Americans leaving their hard earned dollar.


Oakland, suprisingly enough to me, came in first place with 100% of every person grabbing a bottle and dropping a dollar. In dead last however, with the kiosk placed just one block away from the Nets arena was Atlantic Avenue Terminal in Brooklyn with only 61%. And you know in school anything under a 65% average is considered an F. Sure this was only a social experiment and only testing from the group of people who actually like Honest Tea, but still, anything that shows Brooklyn in a negative light breaks my heart. To make matters worse, all the other boroughs passed the test with ease. Dear Brooklyn, next time you drink up, don’t forget to PAY UP!




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