Brooklyn Museum Off Target


Moment of truth: I am in the creative arts field, but I’m not much of an “creative arts” person. I have never attended a performance at The Metropolitan Opera or listened to a symphony at the New York Philharmonic and always miss it when Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre comes to town. I have seen a few Broadway shows, but none of them includes the classics like Cats, Phantom of the Opera or Rent.  So needless to say, once I left junior high school, I never felt the urge to go back to the Brooklyn Museum to look at a paintings titled “Blood, Sweat and Pigs,” and it’s a canvas painting with three green dots. I just don’t dig it.


As a young, hip 20-something, my interest hasn’t peaked to venture into those arts and I blame the Internet and all  it’s social distractions for drawing me further away.  And I think Brooklyn Museum realized that too when they came up with the idea for Target First Saturdays, sponsored by the company.  The kids and parents will come out, but the you want to get the youth out too. The nighttime party was a great way to do that. So now that the museum pulled the plug on the turntables, they have now completely lost the youth vote.


I will admit, many months I would come to the museum just in time to meet up with friends and study people more than I did the artifacts I was leaning on. Other times, I would come early enough to catch the interesting exhibits and events going on and I think some of my peers did too. For example the line, for the Keith Haring exhibit this summer was wrapped around the second floor. Haring was a young, cool, free-spirited individual, so the young population flocked to see his art. If it wasn’t for the First Saturday’s DJ party later that night, I don’t think that would have happened because people come for the party and since they were there they came to see the exhibit.. get it? The point was, more people were coming to the museum. So why stop the party? The museum’s manager of adult programs, Elisabeth Callihan, explained “we’ve run into some challenges with capacity crowds and traffic flow throughout the building.” Translation: it was was turning into Club Target and they had to shut that down before someone got shot or stabbed. But you know she couldn’t say that.


There have been times when the museum was at capacity and they stopped letting people in. The security is there for that purpose. So it’s up to the museum to enforce the traffic flow and capacity and if they felt that was becoming a challenge, that would mean they need to add more guards and police if need be or just stop letting in so many people. I would rather them do that then just scrap the main event of what has become a Brooklyn staple every month. Callihan tried to soften the blow and said, “This was not a decision we made lightly.” This is an offense we’re not taking lightly either. On the bright side, at least they pooped the party after the summer season, and maybe in a couple of months it may have a comeback. But in the meantime, us cool houligans have to take our traffic flow elsewhere. Well, if you are willing to go to the Schomburg Center in Harlem, they have their own First Fridays series. I know. Harlem. Oy vey…


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