DNC…Brooklyn Style


For those of you that are opting out of watching the MTV Video Music Awards or spending a night on the town to partake in Fashion Night Out events tonight, and care about more consequential events in our society such as…the 2012 Elections in two months, here’s something for you.


Tonight, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte will continue. If you were blown away my the speeches made by First Lady Michelle Obama and former POTUS Bill Clinton, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss the Democratic nomination acceptance speech given by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. I love these personalized emails that I get from “Obama for America.” I thought FLOTUS was telling me what’s up herself when the sender name in my inbox said “Michelle Obama,” and she started my email with “Chantell.”


As we learned in our last election, young people, have a strong hold at the polls. So RSVP now and later tonight, head out to 14 Duryea Place in Brooklyn for a local watch party. Even if you are thinking about voting for the opposing party, it’s our duties as voters to hear from both sides.




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