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I recently spoke on a marketing panel at the A3C Festival last week and shared some tid-bits on “How To Get Your Music Heard,” I had a blast and really appreciated being invited to speak. While I was up there, it got me to thinking, everyone in the crowd is looking for answers, specifics, and how-to’s, but are their questions really being answered, and do they really experience “aha” moments.


It’s important to me to actually provide value to my community. The purpose of this blog is to disseminate info and my own thoughts that my readership can use as tangible take-ways.


The truth is that the digital space has become over saturated with content and info, and it’s growing by the minute. It’s a fragmented place out there, and it’s partly because technology has enabled us various platforms to publish all this stuff. What was once a controlled environment with mass media outlets as the gate keepers, is becoming a sea of niche spaces. That said, branding is becoming increasingly important, and the brand you create for yourself is the lighthouse that differentiates you from the sea of other publishers, musicians, businesses and personas.


There are a plethora of digital tools out there that help you in your efforts to market, publicize and bring awareness to your brand. But what are the rules?


I consume a lot of info on a daily basis, search for creative campaigns that stand out from the crowd, and hear and see music from artists that have been able to be the crab that makes it out of the bucket. My take away is, there are no rules anymore because mediocre artists are blowing up and some of the most talented ones are struggling, JUST GET CREATIVE , create a great brand and keep in mind there are several working components that attribute to the bigger picture.


My thoughts:


• Create outstanding content, don’t do typical things, focus on quality and get some valid opinions outside of your circle


• Watch your competitors don’t follow them, be different, take the Apple approach


• Use every possible outlet available to you to distribute your “voice,” and pay special attention to the outlets that work for you the most, it’s different for each individual


• Relationships are extremely important, they always have been, but even more so today because technology has amplified our social culture


• Don’t be afraid to experiment, find out what marketing strategies/tactics, content, discussions, collaborations work for you and which one’s don’t


• Turn on ALL of your gears (PR, Marketing, maybe radio, blogging, social media, your website, e-commerce, content creation, face to face time), don’t rely on just one thing to make or break you – there are several things that will ultimately paint your big picture (end goal)


• Be consistent in quality and turn out of your work


• One of the most important things I think is education, seek out new info, techniques, technologies, music, get understanding because it will open up doors for you


• Offer an experience to your audience, be multidimensional and aim stimulate all the senses


• Ask questions, and yes I do believe there is such thing as a stupid question, seek out the answer first get some foundation on what you are asking so you know how to articulate


your thoughts, when you are stumped then ask the question, it will help you be more effective in finding the right answer


• Be true to yourself, and trust your intuition it’s meant to be your guide and everything else is secondary


Just my two cents..I’d love to hear from you out there, throw some thoughts and questions my way!  hannah[@]


Wagner, Hannah.“Its Gettin Crazy Up In This Digital Space” Oct. 17, 2011,, Oct. 12, 2011.

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