Meet Small Professor


Recently, the beat conductor behind Highway Robbery sat down with to bring heads up to speed with both the evolution and influence behind his production savvy, as well as the making of the album. Check out both of the videos below, and shouts to Jerry Barrow of Nod Factor for the feature!


Who Is Small Professor?



“There is a thin line between paying homage and biting, so when I first heard that there was a producer calling himself Small Professor I admit that I raised an eyebrow. It’s like calling yourself 10th Wonder or Heavy E or Little” Daddy Kane…you get the idea. But after hearing his beats and talking to him I came to appreciate his hat tip to the legendary Extra-P. With his new collaborative project with Guilty Simpson, “Highway Robbery” in stores now I took the opportunity to get more familiar with Philly based beatsmith and give my loyal readers and viewers a chance to do the same.”


Small Professor on Making Highway Robbery:



“In part two of our interview with Small Professor he talks about how he hooked up with Guilty Simpson to make “Highway Robbery” and what he has coming up next.”


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February 19, 2016 at 1:17 pm

I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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