NYC Restaurant Week: BK


For those looking to take advantage of the NYC Restaurant Week prix fixe menu specials without going across a bridge, I have some local Brooklyn dining options for you.


Benchmark Restaurant in Park Slope offers a lunch and dinner special ranging from crab cakes to filet mignon to an appetizing cherry+white chocolate bread pudding. In a beautiful neighborhood like Park Slope on a nice summer evening, this cozy location for make a good meal and a good night.


Greenhouse Cafe in Bay Ridge offers an extensive list of meal options for lunch and dinner, compared to the limited three meal choices found on most prix fixe menus during this special week. With over 15 entree choices and up to 20 desserts to choose from at this family friendly restaurant, you are sure to leave the place with your belt loosened and maybe a button popped.


NYC Restaurant Week ends Aug 10, so make your reservations pronto. Bon apetit!




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