The Chaos After The Storm


Hurricane Sandy has left the building, but she left behind all her heavy baggage for New York and New Jersey residents to handle. Neighborhoods in boroughs like Queens, lower Manhattan and Staten Island were hit pretty hard by the storm, resulting in flood, fires and downed trees, and our Brooklyn was no exception. Home to the world-famous Coney Island, the surrounding hoods were considered a Zone A evacuation area because of it’s proximity to the beach. Once that high-tide came in on Monday, devastation made its way through the streets.


Other neighborhoods hit badly were Canarsie, Williamsburg, Gowanus and other parts. One Canarsie resident said their neighbor found fish swimming in his flooded basement. People braced themselves for a bad storm, but none expected this drastic of an outcome, which is why so many decided to stay home rather than seek shelter elsewhere. Those who stayed in Zone A areas faced a deadly result. The death toll for New York City casualties is now at 30 with a few of those who perished from Brooklyn, especially Coney Island (view video of damages). Many of those that died were found in their homes that were located in the areas that were most hit by Sandy.


Despite the unfortunate number of deaths, there’s an even greater number of displaced Brooklyn residents receiving food, water and shelter and power in local evacuation shelters. These shelters are in great need of assistance as well, so being that school and work is still closed for the rest of the week for many, if you can help, go lend a hand to a fellow Brooklynite.


As of this afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo, announced car restrictions and limited train service being restored on Thursday morning. At least the bus and train service is on the city’s dime until this mess is all sorted out. Another issue is gas while stations are out of power and/or running out of fuel. I drove around in Brooklyn and personally only found ONE station servicing the public…until the NYPD came and shut it down. So minimal travel is the name of the game out here while everyone is fighting for survival. It’s getting real ugly out here.


The New York Times wrote a detailed assessment of the damage from Hurricane Sandy. We have some ways to go. The next issue is what are we going to do about Super Tuesday in FIVE days?


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