Ebro Premiere’s “Heaven on Earth” on Beats1 (Final Leak off Titans in the Flesh)




Ebro on Beats1/Apple Music Premiere

After teaming up with some bruisers on their previous leak “Giant Steps,” Blu commands the mic and kicks serious knowledge over Nottz’s neck-breaking funk, “Heaven On Earth.” And as we inch closer to the release of their Titans In The Flesh EP, drops like this only make the wait that much more worth it.


In less capable hands, the message of “Heaven On Earth” could have been lost, be it through an overly somber tone or morose lyricism. But this is Blu & Nottz we’re talking about, two of Hip-Hop’s most consistent and gifted artists. And on this track, they provide answers for those seeking truth without coming across as preachy or defeated.


Blu is on his old-soul tip throughout his three verses, spitting bars that are just as clever as they are insightful. At one point, he’s flipping definitions of freedom, kingdom, and wisdom, and at another, he’s delivering the type of rhymes that remind you of just how wise he really is (and has been since debuting in the mid-2000s): “What if we started at the zenith/ And walked into this world at completion/ Would you start depletin’ it, ‘cause you can’t compete wit’ it?/ Do you subtract from it, ‘cause you can’t add to it?”


Those rhymes would be powerful no matter when they were written, but given our current state of affairs in the world, they’re especially potent today. And it doesn’t hurt that Blu has Nottz on his side to make it all knock.


“Heaven on Earth” is now available for stream, and can be downloaded for instant grat off the iTunes’ pre-order link for Titans In The Flesh. The seven track EP is set to drop this Friday, July 15th through all major digital retailers. Additionally, Easter-yellow vinyl copies will be available in limited supply, and feature the instrumental and acapella passes of “The Man,” in addition to the instrumental for “Heaven on Earth.”


Pre-Order Links:
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• FatBeats (Vinyl)


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